Tid-bits and nik-naks.

Nicework History Book from Nicework on Vimeo.

Nicework turns eight this year, which is not only an exciting milestone but also a lovely even number. To celebrate, we decided to create a big, beautiful illustration showcase of some things from the past eight years that have made Nicework the majestic titan of design excellence that it is today. We foiled the final design onto unbleached cardstock, and sliced it up into A5 notebook covers. Now each of our special clients and friends can own a little piece of Nicework history. You are most welcome.

See the full picture here: www.nicework.co.za/history.html

Yes please thanks.
Sneaky peeks
Release me from this damp torment, foul human-beast
hide & stab
Draw me like one of your frenchies
Hipster presents from NYC! #tattly
date night dinner for 2
sleepy ear
When you roll through the puddles they go SPLOOSH